Fees and Funding

Tuition Fees for 2024/2025 Academic Year

Courses Course Duration Tuition Fees
Short TESOL courses:

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1 month (20 hours)



Specialised TESOL qualifications:

Oxford Certificate in TESOL Materials Development
Oxford Certificate in English for Specific Purposes Instruction
Oxford Certificate in TESOL Assessment Quality Assurance


5 months (240 hours)



Introductory and advanced qualifications:

Oxford Introductory Certificate in TESOL Practice
Oxford Advanced Diploma in TESOL Practice
Oxford Diploma in English Language and Literature
Oxford Diploma in TESOL Business Management and Leadership


6 months (240 hours)

12 months (480 hours)

18 months (864 hours)





Research qualification:

Oxford Advanced Diploma in TESOL Research


12 months (720 hours)



* All courses start three times a year – in October, February and June.

** Tuition fees are payable in full during registration; no instalments are available.

*** The above tuition fees relate to new students registering for the 2024/2025 session. The fees are subject to annual increases of up to 5% per annum or in line with inflation.

Funding Opportunities

Oxford School of Advanced TESOL Studies recognises that continuing professional development of English teachers not only helps sustain positive socio-economic development in local communities but also fosters professional connections in the international educational arena. To help our prospective students start and advance their careers in English language teaching, our School’s Foundation for Excellence in TESOL Education offers various grants towards tuition fees:

Need-based grants

Need-based grants covering 30% of our School’s tuition fees for any course are awarded to students with lower household income.

Regional support grants

Grants covering 50% of our School’s tuition fees for any course are awarded to students from low-income countries (i.e. to residents of countries with a gross national income of less than $15,000 as defined by the World Bank).

Refugee support grants

Grants covering 100% of our School’s tuition fees for any course are awarded to asylum-seekers and refugees, regardless of their nationality and country of residence.

Research grants

Our School’s Centre for TESOL Research and Education has an annual scholarship fund of up to £3,000 (awarded competitively) for independent researchers who publish their original research with our School. Applications for fully funded research scholarships are now also open for our School’s alumni holding advanced diplomas who wish to continue their studies with us and obtain the Oxford Advanced Diploma in TESOL Research. More information about our School’s research and funding opportunities can be found here

Alumni grants

Our alumni holding advanced diplomas can get a 20% tuition fee waiver on all our TESOL courses and qualifications if they decide to continue their studies with us. They also get a 100% accreditation fee waiver for the first round of accreditation with Oxford TESOL Accreditation Centre (accreditation will be valid for 3 years) and a 50% accreditation fee waiver afterwards. We also occasionally offer fully funded research scholarships to our alumni (please follow the updates).

Grants for student ambassadors

Student ambassadors can obtain a 20% tuition fee waiver. Student ambassadors assist us with Oxford TESOL Forum, contribute to our magazine for English teachers, promote our School in social media and answer prospective students’ questions.

Additional information about tuition funding

The grants are awarded towards your tuition fees and are paid directly to the School. The grants do not have to be repaid.

Tuition funding opportunities may be limited to a certain extent each year, and grants are awarded on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, we advise you apply for tuition funding well in advance – ideally, three or four months prior to your enrollment in your chosen course.

Students who receive employer loans or sponsorships are not eligible for grants.

Grant application deadlines:

For Term 1 (October start): 31 July

For Term 2 (February start): 30 November

For Term 3 (June start): 31 March

Late applications will be considered on a funds-available basis.

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