TESOL Practitioner’s Magazine

TESOL Practitioner’s Magazine is published by Oxford School of Advanced TESOL Studies twice a year – in February and August. The magazine covers a wide range of issues relevant for ELT/ESL/TESOL professionals’ teaching practice:

  • English language curriculum design
  • lesson planning
  • English learner skills development
  • assessment techniques
  • games in language teaching
  • language materials selection and design
  • teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
  • using technology in the language classroom
  • personal and professional development, etc.

We welcome articles from experienced English language teachers who work with speakers of other languages. By contributing to TESOL Practitioner’s Magazine, you help us support the global community of English teaching professionals.

Next issue release date: 1 August 2024

Submission deadline: 15 July 2024

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