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Oxford School of Advanced TESOL Studies is located in Oxford, UK, a leading centre of world-class learning, teaching and research.

Oxford School of Advanced TESOL Studies is a private research institution that supports the global community of English teaching practitioners through rigorous research, online professional education and ample networking opportunities.

We offer online courses and qualifications for English language teachers who work with speakers of other languages. Our students can also enrol in online teaching workshops that run every month to support their continuing professional development. The workshops, courses and qualifications may be of interest for TESOL professionals who teach learners, devise language curriculum, develop materials for language teaching, construct and evaluate language tests and exams, conduct research, or train and supervise other teachers.

Our highly qualified lecturers have developed unique teacher training materials based on the latest research findings in the ELT/TEFL/TESOL field and share the most useful practical teaching tips with both novice and experienced teachers. Our teaching is largely informed by extensive research into applied linguistics, psychology and education conducted at our School’s Centre for TESOL Research and Education.

Our School’s education arm also includes an academic publishing house. We publish a magazine for English teachers as well as an international research journal for graduate students and academics studying applied linguistics and educational psychology. A lot of articles and practical teaching materials from our publications will soon become available on the Oxford TESOL Forum webpage. Independent researchers have an opportunity to publish their research as a book with our School’s publishing house.

A truly unique feature of teacher training at our School is the opportunity for all students to work on their portfolios and research alongside our staff and researchers in different special interest groups (SIGs). 

Join us if you seek to enrich your teaching practice with new theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in the vibrant transdisciplinary ELT/TEFL/TESOL field that is constantly developing to meet the changing learning needs of the highly diverse society and solve today’s most challenging problems at the intersection of education, communication, technology, sustainable development as well as career planning and personal growth.

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