TESOL Research

The Centre for TESOL Research and Education run by Oxford School of Advanced TESOL Studies is devoted to the examination of the core areas of applied linguistics, psychology and education that can explain how people learn or acquire English language and how teachers can help their learners improve language skills more effectively.

Our researchers conduct longitudinal studies in the following areas:

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Early Years ELT Practice
  • Lifelong Language Learning
  • Applied Educational Psychology (TESOL)
  • Teaching English Language, Literature and Culture
  • Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
  • Language Testing
  • Corpus Linguistics and Discourse Analysis in Language Learning, Teaching and Testing
  • Technology Enhanced Language Learning and Teaching
  • Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching
  • ELT Business Management and Leadership
  • World Englishes, Global English, English as a Lingua Franca
  • Literacy and Multilingualism
  • International Language Education Policies
  • Research Methods in Applied Linguistics, Psychology and Education

Surveys and Annual Reports

The Centre for TESOL Research and Education regularly conducts surveys among TESOL practitioners and language schools to gather data on the current state of affairs within the global TESOL sector. The results of the surveys are reflected in our annual report “An Outlook for Global TESOL Sector”. 

If you as an English teacher or a representative of a language school would like to take part in our surveys, please contact us and we will send you an invitation the next time we conduct our survey.

Collaboration Opportunities

As an independent researcher or research institution, you may be interested in pursuing collaborative projects in applied linguistics, psychology and education with us.

If you have any queries about research opportunities with Oxford School of Advanced TESOL Studies, please contact the Centre for TESOL Research and Education at: research@oxford-tesol.org.uk.

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Research Funding

The Centre for TESOL Research and Education has an annual scholarship fund of up to £3,000 (awarded competitively) for independent researchers who publish their original research with our School.

The work submitted to Oxford Journal of Advanced TESOL Studies can be in the form of a research report or journal article describing your latest research findings in accordance with set academic norms. Our researchers also publish articles in TESOL Practitioner’s Magazine to inform the global ELT community about their research work. You will have an opportunity to publish your research as a book with our School’s publishing house.

The scholarship will be awarded for a theme that is likely to solve some of the most challenging problems encountered by language teachers and learners today. To apply for a scholarship, please send your research proposal and personal statement to the Centre for TESOL Research and Education at: research@oxford-tesol.org.uk. 

Are you new to research?

Oxford School of Advanced TESOL Studies offers an online advanced diploma in TESOL research. The course is intended for experienced English language teachers who work with speakers of other languages in language centres or in private settings and who would like to keep abreast of the latest developments in applied linguistics. It is particularly suitable for authors of ELT books and for ELT professionals with postgraduate degrees who are planning to apply for a PhD/EdD scholarship elsewhere.

Applications for fully funded research scholarships are now open for our School’s alumni holding advanced diplomas who wish to continue their studies with us and obtain the Oxford Advanced Diploma in TESOL Research. If you are interested in carrying out research in the TESOL field, apply for a fully funded research scholarship by 31 July 2024 via Student Home to join our research team in October 2024.

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